12 Best Belts For Men 2023 - Forbes Vetted

The best belts for men are often the unsung heroes of your outfit. You might not spend a lot of time thinking about belts but when the occasion calls for it, the right belt is essential for holding up your look—quite literally. Our advice: Don’t wait until you’re getting dressed for a big event to realize you need a new belt. Here, we rounded up suggestions—from the best dress belts for men to pair with workwear, jeans and more—along with pointers for avoiding any belt style blunders.

The best belts for men are stylish, durable and versatile with different pants. Reversible Belt Women's

12 Best Belts For Men 2023 - Forbes Vetted

Our top pick overall: Flint And Tinder’s 365 Belt 2.0,a handsome leather design that pairs well with almost every type of pants, from formal to casual. For a rugged, everyday option that’s great with jeans specifically, we like L.L. Bean 1912 Jean Belt. Ahead, you’ll find all our recommendations, and for more wardrobe advice, we also have guides to the best work pants for men and most comfortable dress shoes.

Sizes: 30 to 40 | Material: Leather | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 4 total, including Dark Brown and Chestnut

Crafted from Wickett & Craig full-grain bridle leather with a brass buckle, Huckberry’s Flint And Tinder belt is versatile, stylish and gets better with age. The handmade leather already feels broken in and this belt’s medium 1.5-inch width strikes the right balance—it fits through most belt loops and yet never overpowers an outfit. It’s a bestseller you’ll get a lot mileage from.

What the reviews say: Reviewers give the high-quality leather high marks, as well as about the color and long-lasting sturdiness. However, some reviewers note that the belt sizes run small.

Sizes: One size (fits up to waist size 44) | Material: Leather | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 1 total (black/tan reversible)

Detroit-based Shinola specializes in quality leather designed in the U.S., whether for watches or accessories. Their popular Reversible Belt is one long sturdy leather band that you cut to your preferred length, with sharp scissors at home. It’s also reversible—black on one side, tan on the other—which really gives you two belts in one.

What the reviews say: While some buyers note this belt's high price point, many point out the soft texture and stylish versatility that make it a worthy investment.

Sizes: 30 to 46 | Material: Leather | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 2 total, including Black and Brown

L.L. Bean’s bestselling belt is specifically meant to be worn with jeans—it has a 1.5-inch width that fits denim loopholes and the high-quality leather—sourced from Italy and elsewhere in Europe—is hand-finished with an antiqued buckle to give the design a rugged patina that complements jeans.

What the reviews say: With extra space between its notches, buyers praise this belt's stretch factor, comfortable fit and reasonable price. Others remark negatively about the surprisingly thin texture of the leather.

Sizes: 34 (85 centimeters) to 46 (115 centimeters) | Material: Leather | Width: 1.6 inches | Colors: 2 total, including Navy (reversible to Black), Brown (reversible to Black)

Tom Ford’s leather goods, from wallets to belts, are a polished, sophisticated choice for guys. The Reversible Logo belt is cut from 100% calf leather and comes in black with either navy or brown on the reverse. The neutral colors look great with chinos, jeans and dress pants, making this a pick you’ll get a lot of value out of it.

What our fashion editor says: “Designer belts can often be too showy. I like how the T logo on Tom Ford’s belt is functional and understated, for a guy who likes luxury but doesn’t feel the need to show off.” —Kari Molvar, Forbes Vetted

Sizes: 30 to 44 | Material: Woven stretch rayon, calf leather tabs, nickel plated brass | Width: 1.35 inches | Colors: 2

Braided in a woven design with calf leather tabs and a textured finish, Faherty’s belt has a casual feel that’s great on weekends or less formal WFH days. The buckle can be notched anywhere for a flexible fit, which adds to the comfort factor.

What the reviews say: Commenters love that this well-made belt comes in versatile colors for a casual but chic look. A few remark that the sizes run small.

Sizes: 32 to 44 | Material: Leather | Width: 1.5 inches | Colors: 2 total, including Umber and Midnight

Based in Austin, Texas, Tecovas specializes in stylish and durable leather good. Their popular Western harness belt is made from a single vegetable-tanned leather strap, with a snap-buckle enclosure that makes it easy to adjust and secure.

What the reviews say: While some wish that this belt had more notches, it pairs well with boots, ages well and remains beloved by those who enjoy rugged pieces.

Sizes: 34 to 44 | Material: Viscose, rubber and leather | Width: 1.25 inches | Colors: Navy

Found in 1966, Anderson's is a heritage beltmaker known for sourcing high-quality leather from Parma, Italy, to create designs that are modern, refined and stand the test of time. Their signature woven belt is made from a sturdy elasticated textile weave and finished with leather detailing, and looks great with chinos or dress slacks.

What the reviews say: Buyers note the versatility of this belt as something that can be worn daily and haven’t noted any negative aspects (keep in mind, there are only a few reviews to date).

Sizes: 32 to 42 | Material: Leather | Width: 1.18 inches | Colors: 3 total, including Dark Tan and Black

Dress belts are often cut a little leaner, so they don’t add unnecessary bulk to suit pants or those made from finer wool. A traditional design should be on the simple side, without too many distracting bells and whistles. Charles Tyrwhitt’s bestseller strikes the right tone, with polished leather, an embossed logo and single-prong buckle.

What the reviews say: Many note the quality, soft leather and sophisticated look of this dress belt but some would prefer a larger width.

Sizes: 32 to 42 | Material: Leather | Width: 1.25 inches | Colors: 2 total, including British Tan and Black

For a dressier option you can work to work or with a suit, Cole Haan’s Dawson belt has elegant brogue detailing and comes in a slightly thinner width for a sleek style. It’s finished with a nickel-plated buckle and comes in both tan and black shades to match different pants.

What the reviews say: Despite its shorter length, buyers appreciate the longevity of this belt's durable leather, as well as its elegant design.

Sizes: 30 to 40 | Material: Leather | Width: 1.25 inches | Colors: 3 total, including Light Brown and Black

If you want one belt that can go from dressy to casual, Bonobos’s belt works well for both scenarios. It’s cut from 100% leather in a 1.25-inch width that speaks to its formal feel while the range of colors—from light brown to black—add style and versatility for more laidback situations.

What the reviews say: Buyers praise this belt’s comfortable fit, making it a dressy addition to your wardrobe. A few note that the brown color is lighter than shown on the website.

 Sizes: 30 to 40 | Material: Polypropylene, latex | Width: 1.25 inches | Colors: 6 total, including Black and Navy Grey

While Bonobos’s Clubhouse belt is technically designed for the golf course, it pairs stylishly with jeans and shorts, too. It has a slim 1.25 inch width, built-in stretch and a woven texture that allows you to buckle the clasp at any point on the band.

What the reviews say: Hailed as the perfect golf belt by many, reviewers appreciate this belt's stretchy versatility that makes it great for casual wear.

 Sizes: 30 to 44 | Material: Leather, canvas | Width: Not given | Colors: 2 total, including Vineyard Navy (reversible to Brown) and Grey Harbor (reversible to Brown)

Vineyard Vines’ reversible belt gives you two looks in one: The first side consists of Italian leather, and the other is mixed with striped canvas. It’s finished with a metal buckle and leather tab for a look you can easily dress up or down.

What the reviews say: Customers consider this belt a versatile staple and like that it comes in a range of colors for different occasions; however, they suggest sizing up.

At Forbes Vetted, we are a group of writers and editors with extensive backgrounds in fashion and lifestyle. Our take on fashion is straightforward: We appreciate stylish clothing, but we also know it must be practical. We’re constantly on the hunt for the standouts in every category, from the best wallets to the best work pants for men. We meticulously research and test clothing and accessories to ensure they’re high quality and perform well—so you can feel confident buying them.

Our senior fashion editor, Kari Molvar, has more than 20 years of experience covering lifestyle topics, including fashion. She helped narrow our selection of belts for men and determine the best belts for everything from work to weekends.

For this story, we researched the top belts for men on the market to determine which were the true greats, and which fell short. We considered well-established and newer brands and selected styles with not only excellent reviews, but superior hardware and utility too, since men’s belts are an everyday essential that gets a lot of wear and tear. Finally, we read user reviews, and edited down our initial selections by analyzing details such as the belt’s quality of materials, width, functionality and design.

We also took price and trustworthiness of each brand into consideration to ensure our picks work for a variety of budgets and deliver excellent value. We also regularly update this story to make sure we’re providing the best, most accurate recommendations. This story was last updated in November 2023.

Leather belts are timeless and durable, with full-grain leather usually being the highest quality option. For a more casual look, explore fabric or canvas belts. Make sure you know your accurate waist size (measure the part of your waist where you want the belt to sit) and then select a belt size that corresponds to it. The right fit is important for both comfort and style. If you find that there is a significant amount of belt hanging after you've fastened it, it’s likely too long. If you struggle to fasten the belt or there's very little overlap of the belt ends, it's too short.

Think about the style and color of the belt. The buckle style should match your preferences and the occasion. A classic single-prong buckle is versatile for everyday while a double-prong buckle can add a touch of personality. Regarding color, black and brown belts are versatile choices that complement a variety of outfits. Coordinating the belt color with your shoes is another way to create a polished look.

Pay close attention to the finishing details: Look for well-stitched seams, even edges and a solid buckle fastening. A high-quality belt should last and maintains its appearance over time. Well established leather brands like Shinola, Flint And Tinder and Tecovas are known for their commitment to craftsmanship and durability. It might be worth it to invest a bit more in a belt that will last, since it’s a long-term accessory that you’ll get a lot of use out of.

I am a temporary reporter for the wealth team covering billionaires. Prior to joining Forbes, I reported for Nikkei Asia and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. I hold a Master of Science in Journalism and a Master of International Affairs, both from Columbia University. Tips:

I am a temporary reporter for the wealth team covering billionaires. Prior to joining Forbes, I reported for Nikkei Asia and the Pulitzer Center for Crisis Reporting. I hold a Master of Science in Journalism and a Master of International Affairs, both from Columbia University. Tips:

I’m a senior fashion editor covering women's and men's fashion, accessories and athletic apparel. My writing has appeared in T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Vogue and The Wall Street Journal. Prior to joining Forbes, I wrote two books, including The New Beauty: A Modern Look at Beauty, Culture, and Fashion. I've studied fashion styling and hold certificates in jewelry essentials from the Gemological Institute of America and design history from Sotheby’s Institute of Art. A native New Englander, I grew up in Rhode Island and was—and remain—a sneaker obsessive with far too many pairs of white sneakers. 

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12 Best Belts For Men 2023 - Forbes Vetted

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